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November 19, 2021 Category: Linxidan, Linxidan Products, SACO Distribution, Polymer Professionals, LX 4435

Another one of the fine products that we offer at SACO AEI Distribution is the LINXIDAN® LX-4435. Understanding The LINXIDAN® LX-4435 LINXIDAN® LX-4435 is a Maleated PP Coupling Agent designed to bind natural fibers to PP in Wood-Plastic Composites chemically. Coupling fibers to the polypropylene matrix in a fifty percent wood-filled system reduces moisture uptake (up to forty-three percent at the two percent addition level), improves flexural modulus (stiffness) by fourteen percent, and increases overall flexural strength by seventy percent.  Learn More About The LINXIDAN® LX-4435 For more information about our product, LINXIDAN® LX-4435, please visit the following link, or contact us

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