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Posted By SACO Distribution
November 19, 2021 Category: Linxidan, Linxidan Products, SACO Distribution, Polymer Professionals, LX 4435

Another one of the fine products that we offer at SACO AEI Distribution is the LINXIDAN® LX-4435. Understanding The LINXIDAN® LX-4435 LINXIDAN® LX-4435 is a Maleated PP Coupling Agent designed to bind natural fibers to PP in Wood-Plastic Composites chemically. Coupling fibers to the polypropylene matrix in a fifty percent wood-filled system reduces moisture uptake (up to forty-three percent at the two percent addition level), improves flexural modulus (stiffness) by fourteen percent, and increases overall flexural strength by seventy percent.  Learn More About The LINXIDAN® LX-4435 For more information about our product, LINXIDAN® LX-4435, please visit the following link, or contact us



Posted By SACO Distribution
November 19, 2021 Category: Linxidan, Linxidan Products, SACO Distribution

One of the fine products at SACO AEI Distribution is the LINXIDAN® LX-4433. LINXIDAN® LX-4433 Explained  LINXIDAN® LX-4433 is a mosaic and hydride grafted high-density polyethylene coupling agent. This product can be used in many filled high-density polyethylene systems but is most commonly used in wood-plastic composites.  How LINXIDAN® LX-4433 Is Made A coupling agent is used to bind a polar filler, such as wood flour, to a nonpolar resin matrix. The result is improved physical properties such as tensile flex and impact loading levels vary between two to five percent, depending upon the application and desired physical performance. LINXIDAN® LX-4433 is a high-performance product for all coupling requirements. Discover More About The LINXIDAN® LX-4433  Click the link provided or contact us directly for more details about this fantastic

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