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Fine-Blend Chain Extenders Information

Fine Blend Chain Extenders Information

Posted By SACO Distribution
November 22, 2021 Category: SACO, Fine Blend, Chain Extenders, Polymer Professionals

One of the many products we offer here at SACO Distribution is our chain extenders, which are made by one of our business partners

Fine-Blend EMIs

Fine Blend EMIs

Posted By SACO Distribution
November 19, 2021 Category: SACO, Polymer Brands, Polymer Blends, Business Professionals, EMI

At SACO AEI, we proudly partner with many companies in the polymer business. One of those companies is Fine-Blend. Fine-Blend is dedicated to providing quality products and creating value for customers, and more and more global compounding companies choose Fine-Blend® functional

The CMG-W-01

The CMG W 01

Posted By SACO AEI Polymers
November 01, 2021 Category: Polymers, Saco

  What Is Our CMG-W-01? CMG-W-01 is a maleic anhydride grafted polymer, PPO-g-MAH, compatibilizer. The base polymer is polyphenyl ether. It can develop a reliable bonding strength between PPO/PA, PPO/HIand PS, PPO/HIPS/PA alloeffectively ys, improving the compatibility and dispersion between different componvely. It is especially suitable for improving the compatibility of reinforced PPO/PA, PPO/HIPS, PPO/HIPS/PA alloys, including tensile strength, impact strength, and HDT.   Find out more by checking us out

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