Coefficient of Friction Improvement Using GT-300

Javachem is the leading silicone masterbatch producer in Asia, and their silicon masterbatch products are functionalized for better dispersion and reduced exudation. Their products aid in ease of production, are consistent and are globally commercial.

GT-300 is cost-competitive versus traditional silicone masterbatches. A large market for GT-300 is in decreasing the coefficient of friction on extruded wire and injection molded parts.

Advantages of Javachem GT-300 in Extrusion

  • Better/ easier flow for ease of extrusion
  • Decreased head pressure
  • Decreased die drool 
  • Decreased COF, especially useful for final installation of wire and cable
  • Improves abrasion and wear resistance 

Advantages of Javachem GT-300 in Injection Molding

  • Reduces wear
  • Improves mold release
  • Reduces/ eliminates "squeak" where injection molded parts touch
  • Improves abrasion and wear resistance
  • Aids in complete filling of the mold 

Learn More About GT-300

If you are interested in learning more about GT-300, contact us today! You can also learn more about our product by watching more videos like this in our video library. 

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