Increase Line Speed and Reduce Die Drool

SACO AEI Polymers Distribution specializes in providing high-quality plastic additives to many markets and industries. Many of our products help increase line speeds and reduce die drool, which helps our customers improve their processes and produce superior products. 

Silicone Masterbatch Additives: JavaChem GT Products

JavaChem is one of our many supplier partners who manufacture silicone plastic additives, high-performance anti-static agents, polypropylene specialty modifiers, and functional masterbatches. 

The JavaChem GT products are a popular choice for processing engineers as it provides many benefits to their products. 

JavaChem GT Benefits

Torque Reduction

By adding 1.5% JavaChem GT to the silicone masterbatch, the torque is reduced by over 20%. This translates to a higher production rate and increased line speeds. 

Reduction of Die Drool

Adding just 1.5% JavaChem GT into your masterbatch offers visible results of die drool reduction. Not only does this increase your line speeds, but it also reduced potential flaws in wire and cable. 

Flame Retardant 

With the addition of .6% JavaChem GT into the masterbatch, it yields just over a 15% increase in the oxidation induction time. 

Reducing Friction 

Adding .5-1% JavaChem GT into your masterbatch allows you to achieve a much lower coefficient of friction on your part.

reducing Die Drool in silicone masterbatches

Learn More About JavaChem GT Products

If you are interested in increasing your line speeds and producing a better product, contact us today at SACO AEI Polymers Distribution to learn more about our JavaChem GT products. You can also learn more about our other products by watching more videos like this in our video library. 

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JavaChem GT is a specialty additive for silicone masterbatches that increases line speed and reduces die drool, in addition to many other benefits.

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