New Website Feature: Touchless Ordering

Touchless Ordering for Small Amounts

This new feature of our website allows us to transact business via credit card. We call this the Touchless System. 

We implemented this system to benefits our customers who do not want to give up information on their applications, either for confidentiality or competitive reasons. Small companies have a lot to lose if they give up a lot of info to a large company just to get a sample or buy a small amount of material. 

Our new website allows a developmental chemist to search for an additive that best fits their needs by:

  • System the product will be used for 
  • Category of performance
  • Benefit the are looking for
  • Sample size needed

Once the search is done, and the material is identified, a purchase can be made online via credit card.

  1. Order will be confirmed
  2. Delivery will be communicated back to the customers
  3. No credit card information will be stored 
  4. No information on the application needs to be divulged on the website

We have also just added a live chat function to help customers through this process is needed. 

  • Customers can order with flat-rate shipping added or use their own shipping account
  • Order will be confirmed immediately.
  • Shipping info will follow from our Customer Satisfaction group as soon as it is available. 

Advantages of the Touchless System

  • This gives development customers the ability to order small amounts or purchase samples without giving up proprietary information. 
  • This will not only benefit our smaller clients but for larger ones who want small amounts of materials and the ability to get them without going through a gauntlet of questions, signing up for an account, and giving up credit card info or proprietary data. 

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