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As many of you know, the National Plastics Exposition, the largest show in our industry, takes place every three years. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the show has been canceled. In lieu of the show, we wanted to take to our blog to showcase the products that we would have featured at the show!

Fine-Blend Products 


SAG-008 is a unique St-AN-GMA terpolymer with a very high content of GMA reactive groups. This product is used as an effective chain extender for polyesters and polycarbonate, prime and recycled polymers, and as a compatibilizer of polymer blends like PC/ABS, ABS/PET, ABS/PBT, ASA/PBT, etc. 

Overall, this product is used to improve the chemical and thermal stability of the compounds and the quality of the parts. 


SG-20 is a novel St-GMA chain extender with very high reactivity. It is used in polyesters (PBT and PET) and polyester-based biopolymers like PLA and PBAT.


SOG-03 is a reactive impact modifier for PBT and alloys (e.g., PC/PBT.) It provides thermal/ color stability and a better balance of toughening efficiency and melt flow than other common impact modifiers. 


EMI-100 is a very high-flow SAN resin, recommended as a carrier resin for color and carbon-black masterbatches for ABS, ASA, and PC/ABS compounds. It improves dispersion, processibility and provides deeper color and a better aesthetic of the finished product.

JavaChem Products 


GT-300 is a silicone masterbatch used in wire and cable, film, injection molding applications for increased line speeds, reduced die drool, anti-sticking for film, and faster molding cycle times and dispersion of fillers and flame retardants.


HG-600 is a functionalized silicone masterbatch for use in TPO/TPE applications for scratch and mar resistance without migration, odor, or fogging in automotive applications. 


TP-200E is a silicone masterbatch used to increase cycle times and surface appearance in molded PP. 

SuliChem Products 

Phlamoon 1090A

Phlamoon 1090A is an organophosphate, non-halogen flame retardant that provides char and drip resistance in UL 94 V-0 applications such as appliances, shielding, and electronics. 

Phlamoon 1090A 75 MB

Phlamoon 1090A 75 MB is a masterbatch of 75% Phlamoon 1090A in 25% PP carrier. 

Features Products Recap 

  • SACO AEI Polymers Distribution is a unique distributor of specialty additives. 
  • The suppliers of these additives have been commercial in Asia and Europe and are now handled by SACO AEI Polymers Distribution on an exclusive basis in North America. 
  • These materials can be sold direct or purchased on our website. 
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