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Non-Halogen Organophosphate Flame Retardant

Non Halogen Organophosphate Flame Retardant

Posted By SACO AEI
May 14, 2021 Category: Flame Retardants

In this blog, we will be discussing a new product that has better stability and is more efficient than existing intumescent FRs in achieving UL V-0 performance in

Flame Retardant Masterbatches

Flame Retardant Masterbatches

Posted By SACO AEI
August 21, 2020 Category: Flame Retardants

SACO AEI Polymers Distribution and our partners provide our customers with the highest quality flame retardant masterbatches to improve your applications, health in your facility, and limit product

Flame Retardants in the Plastic Industry

Flame Retardants in the Plastic Industry

Posted By SACO
May 26, 2020 Category: Flame Retardants

AESSE Sales and Distribution is your go-to distributor for flame retardant additives for the plastic industry. One of the trends in this industry is to make the shift away from halogen flame retardants and switch to additives that are

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